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ADHD Screening for individuals aged 16 or over 

Assessment of ADHD in adulthood

This will involve:

  • Use of a screening instrument to screen for ADHD characteristics 

  • A structured diagnostic interview

  • An evaluation of needs

  • A detailed history with an emphasis on developmental and childhood history, screening for other disorders, family history, social development and particularly educational development

  • Accounts of:

    • history and description of ADHD symptoms and impairments in childhood (e.g. by parent/carer account of childhood symptoms/difficulties);

    • a review of school reports if available;

    • informant/partner account of current symptoms and impairment;

    • Use of informant rating scales 

  • Measures of general cognitive ability if required 

The cost of ADHD Assessment is £550. 

ADHD Coaching
Scientifically Building Lasting Wellness to help you thrive

Grace follows a proactive, evidence-based approach taking the guesswork out of coping with the challenges that ADHD can present. 

Grace will help you thrive so that you can flourish in all aspects of your life. 

Online coaching is £55 per hour with support available in-between sessions. Packages of support with other specialist professionals are available and can be discussed on request. 
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