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Assessment of ADHD 

This will involve:

  1. Use of a screening instrument to screen for ADHD characteristics 

  2. A structured diagnostic interview

  3. An evaluation of needs

  4. A detailed history with an emphasis on developmental and childhood history, screening for other disorders, family history, social development and particularly educational development

  5. Accounts of:

    1. history and description of ADHD symptoms and impairments in childhood (e.g. by parent/carer account of childhood symptoms/difficulties);

    2. a review of school reports if available;

    3. informant/partner account of current symptoms and impairment;

    4. Use of informant rating scales 

  6. Measures of general cognitive ability if required 


The cost of ADHD Assessment is £550. 

ADHD Coaching
  • Scientifically Building Lasting Wellness to help you thrive
  • Grace follows a proactive, evidence-based approach taking the guesswork out of coping with the challenges that ADHD can present. 
  • Grace will help you thrive so that you can flourish in all aspects of your life. 
  • Online coaching is £55 per hour with support available in-between sessions. Packages of support with other specialist professionals are available and can be discussed on request. 
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